What are the Vikings famous for?


Vikings are well known for their warrior skills andfierceness. Apart from being incredible soldiers, they are also unbelievablesailors. The Viking's shallow-draft boats were designed to travels hundreds ofseawater miles, enabling them to travel deep into Europe with goods totrade.  

What are the popular Viking weapons? 

As said above, Vikings are giant warriors, which induced theweaponry skills in them. As a matter of fact, this is the crucial reason whythey are being labeled as ferocious invaders and raiders.  

Below are a few popular Viking weapons. 


The Vikings axe is a typical weapon with long handles. Thisgives them freedom of a required reach in a battle. Based on the utility andexpense of the axe owner, the ax's cutting edge ranged from 3 to 18 inches. 


Swords were one of the wealthiest Viking weapons because ofthe high rate of Iron. These swords were usually only limited to militaryleaders. Viking swords were double-edged and around 35 inches in length. 

Bow and Arrow  

Vikings have initially used bows and arrows for hunting;later, they found their effectiveness in raids. So, they trained the Vikingsoldiers to be great archers. The Viking arrows were solid and fierce enough topenetrate the enemy's battle shields. 

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